Getting Ready


With the Sofia Startup Weekend preparation underway, we have been getting a lot of feedback and questions from the local community. There are clearly two or three questions that at this point stand out from the rest. Below, we try to give you the answers.

What’s in it for me?
The simple answer would be: a lot :-) but let’s get into some more details:

Co-Founder Dating – You have a business idea but you need someone to help you get things started? Well, you are not alone – finding the right co-founder is one of the most common challenges early stage entrepreneurs face. Startup Weekend gives you the chance to spend the weekend in a room full of like-minded individuals in an actual working environment – this is probably the most valuable type of networking you could ever do if you want to start a business. Here is why Startup Weekend is the best way to find a co-founder.

Education – You spend a weekend with some of the community’s brightest and most creative minds: learn a new programming language, what MVP stands for, how to build an actual strategy, get feedback, and actually create & test something rather than just theorizing. Here is a great article on why Startup Weekend is the perfect environment for learning.

Learn How to Launch – This is the epitome of LeanStartup Methodology at its finest. Go from idea to launch. You have 54 hours to figure out everything from the mission, your target market, go-to market strategies, to giving a full presentation of a hopefully working prototype and validation (or non-validation) of concept to your peers.

Actually Launch a Business – Over 36% of the Startup Weekend Startups are still alive after 3 months. Sometimes a company emerges, sometimes one doesn’t. Over 10% of companies go on to produce revenue or get seed funding, but every time people leave with more experience, insight, knowledge, friends, and resources than they came with.

You may want to see the event from the eyes of somebody who not only participated but actually went on to win a Startup Weekend? Here is a brand new article from the winner of the Austin, TX event and another one from Toronto.

What would be the agenda?
The agenda usually looks something like this:

5.30pm Registration and networking
6.00pm Opening & Keynotes
7.00pm Light dinner
8.00pm Pitch your ideas
9.00pm Voting and teams shaping up around the selected ideas
10.00pm Wrap up
8.30am People start coming in; coffee & breakfast
9.30am Teams work around their ideas
12.30pm Lunch
2.00pm Teams continue working; mentors join in to help the teams
7.00pm Dinner & networking
8.30pm Teams gather for some final efforts for the day
10.00pm Wrap up
8.30am People coming in; coffee & breakfast
9.30am Teams continue working
12.30pm Lunch
2.30pm Final touches
5.00pm Presentations & judging
8.00pm Wrap up & after party

The above is just a ‘sample’ Startup Weekend agenda, we will be providing the final Sofia agenda in the days prior to the event.

How to get ready for the event?

1. You may want to start with this first timer FAQ
2. Then go through our event info
3. Then as you may need some advice on how to pitch your idea on Friday – here is an excellent tutorial
4. Then you obviously want to win the event, so you must definitely read this awesome article from one of the Startup Weekend winners
5. And finally, here is how to make the most out of the whole weekend

We hope the above details should be enough to get most people started :-)
In the meantime, we will be posting more and more details, as the event is coming closer.

Don’t miss all the fun and action, and register now for Sofia Startup Weekend!