Andreas Klinger – Lookk


Today we are introducing Andreas Kliger – Co-founder of LOOKK
Andreas Klinger, LOOKK

1. 140 characters or more about you.
Andreas Klinger, CWTFO and Co-Founder of, a social software startup aiming to change the fashion industry. I ♥ what i do.

2. What motivated/inspired you to start a business?

To be honest i know nothing else. Apart of working two months freelance in an webagency i always worked only in offices i paid myself. My motivation is stuff that interests me and opportunities i can see.

Prior to is founded a agency focusing on technology development for online marketing. Die.socialisten are today one of the few by facebook officially PMD certified development agencies in Europe. Additionally i founded and published a music print magazine and run larger events.

3. What were the biggest challenges you faced?

Reality. Anybody starting a startup will sooner or later realize that the only thing between his genius close-to-perfect virtual idea and eternal success is only one thing: Reality.
Realities about his product, his market, his customers, his plans and himself. They say dreams can fly. When you move your dream to become a company you will notice that reality gets its gravity kicking in. If you know what to expect you can handle it – and actually that’s the real fun of doing a startup.

Challenges always have results and we are quite happy with our success so far. LOOKK is recognized by several of the largest players in digital fashion, we are members of Seedcamp and 500 Startups. Our investors are Eden Ventures and the founder of Net-a-porter. We are working on this project around 4 years and have a highly talented team in London and in Sofia.

4. What is the topic of your talk?

I will speak about stuff i wish i would have been told when i started out in Europe doing my startup

I will loosely base it on a blog post of mine about Sh*t (all) first time founders do.
I would highly recommend reading it and reflecting how much of this checklist you already did or you are right now doing. Before you know it you will have done all of it – if you are not trying to actively avoid it.

I will try to make a compact “stuff you should know” list to get people kicking off into the weekend.

5. What do you consider the thing which every entrepreneur should know?

It’s more like ten things for me.
But if i boil it down it would be one thing:

There are no excuses for not having traction.
Traction is movement into the right direction and the only person helping you getting it are customers and their feedback.

6. What do you want to gain from SW 2012?

I hope to be impressed how fast people learn, iterate and create. And i hope that i can help a few people saving 3 years of learning.

Andreas Klinger