Everbread and Imagga API


Startup Weekend is enjoying the support of two great Bulgarian startups – Everbread and Imagga. Both companies have build profitable business, strong teams and have produced amazing but yet solid technology. Today they are providing us with APIs to produce great applications at Startup Weekend Sofia. To use them you will need credentials which you can quickly obtain from the organizers.

Everbread API

If you want to make a travel application (especially with flights) you can use this API. You can find quick overview here – https://www.everbread.com/miniapi/. Full documentation – https://www.everbread.com/miniapi/docs/ and of course examples:

Error Messages: https://www.everbread.com/miniapi/docs/errors.

If you need further information please contact voreshkov@everbread.com

Imagga API

The ones who have ideas related to images may benefit Imagga’s “image understanding” APIs. A brief (non-technical) overview of their API platform can be found here – http://www.imagga.com/downloads/imagga_api_presentation.pdf, and the technical documentation for two of their APIs (color extraction and multi-color search API and smart-cropping and collage slicing API) is here – http://www.imagga.com/api/docs/color-extraction-multi-color-search.html and here – http://www.imagga.com/api/docs/smart-cropping-collage-slicing.html
Additional information will be given by them upon request. If you are interested, please write them at info@imagga.com so they can setup an API account for you.

The Imagga guys also want to help your prototypes and presentations look prettier so here is the deal – all start-up ninjas here get 15% discount on stock images bought from their image bank Stock Podium (http://www.stockpodium.com/). Just make sure to use the promo-code SWSOFIA12 when signing-up for an account there!
At the end of the weekend they will also award a juicy image package to the project that their creative magician Pavel Andreev pronounce to be the most visually inspiring :)

Bonus API – WordPress Rest API

If you need to interact with WordPress.com on deeper level you can access their api at http://developer.wordpress.com. The  full documentation is here – http://developer.wordpress.com/docs/api/