Steve Keil – MammothDB


Steve Keil

1. Please briefly introduce yourself

Steve Keil is a co-founder of MammothDB, a startup company promising to bring insight to the World’s data. He’s also the co-founder of Xentio, a consulting and solutions provider for business intelligence. Prior to MammothDB and Xentio, Steve was the CEO of Sciant – Bulgaria’s largest software application development company, which was acquired by VMW. He is a teacher at Sofia University and an active public speaker on topics such as the importance of play and culture in workplace.

2. Which criteria will you use to evaluate projects at Startup Weekend?

· Does it meet an actual/defined customer need. Or create new demand?
· Does it meet a social need?
· Do they actually seem to believe in the idea, or are they just trying to do something to make cash.
· Is it practical to actually build and/or do, or does it require too much initial investment?
· Does it have a revenue model, and how appropriate is it? I’m annoyed at the new bubble of startup’s that don’t really have revenue model’s besides “Lot’s of users!”
· Do they have a good team mix: meaning both business and technical founders?

3. What is the most essential advice you have for young entrepreneurs?

· Just do it. Get started and work at it, rather than thinking it over for ages.
· Identify, own up to, and correct your mistakes quickly. We’ll all make them, but it’s how you react to them that counts. So ditch your ego at the door.
· Hire based on a combination of skill and culture. If someone has the skill, but doesn’t fit your culture, don’t hire them.
· Communication, transparency, and honesty.

4. What is a successful startup according to you?

· Founders believe in making an impact with whatever they are doing, and feel passionate
· Founders are having fun
· Either making profit, impacting people positively, or doing something great for the planet.

5. What would you like to be the result of Startup Weekend?

· Inspire people on the edge/border of becoming entrepreneurs to go for it!
· Great networking and educational opportunities for new entrepreneurs
· Provide insight, ideas, and thought provoking concepts to existing entrepreneurs which will instigate positive action