Sofia Startup Weekend Teams & Sunday Presentations


All the hard work over the weekend has come down to this. Each team will have 5 minutes to present their product. The teams will be judged based on Customer Validation, Business Model and Execution.

Presentations begin at 5:00pm. Entrepreneurship is BOOMING here in Sofia!!

Order of presentations:

1. Wishgram
Wishgram is the fastest way to:  create your wishlist with desired gifts, keep up with your friends wishes, and get rid of all the useless gifts you usually get Finally! Get gifts that don`t SUCK!”

2. BITevents
Portal for business innovation and technology events

Fashion StartUp – Our team is creating an online fashion platform, designed specially for the needs of the vintage market, providing customers with unique shopping experience. CHICITA is not just an online store, CHICITA is media for vintage lovers.

4. Sinefy
Our team consist of 4 people. 3 developers and 1 marketing guy. We share a common passion for the seventh art.”

5. Interactin
This project is targeted at resolving the problems with the financial and economic crisis and stimulating the communication between companies by creating an interactive virtual business space in the form of a b2b website. Its goal will be to improve business relations through a service provided by the website where different companies from all sectors will be able to sell goods and services at promotional prices. Furthermore, the website will provide goods and services not only to the firms themselves, but also to their employees and companies with financial difficulties or before bankruptcy. Of course, incentive plans will be provided for everyone.

Website for online brainstorming. Collaboration on projects with live chat and whiteboard. Social network for startup ideas, project feedback and headhunting.

7. Blabuddy
We are trying to change the way people learn new languages. Language acquisition is most successful when personal and organic. We match people with personal language partners all around the world.

8. Bulgaria Ski Pass
Book online lift pass for all bulgarian mountain resorts.

9. ZenBirds
Unleashing the power of storytelling to teach kids about emotions, self-confidence and empathy. And this is just the first division of the company! We will offer a kit for kindergartens, parents, grown-ups and companies, not forgetting the medical market (autism and anti-depressant).