The weekend through the eyes of Dani Rangelov (SofiaGO)


@Dani is an iOS developer at TenTouch. I met him by chance, a year ago while me and my then girlfriend, now wife were practicing yoga in the park. Dani joined us and we had a great time. I was really happy to see him at the registration at Friday. He then pitched his idea for a transportation app for Sofia – SofiaGOsee the video here.
3 exciting sleepless days followed and here is Dani’s account of the events:

“The SWSofia was a  really well organized event! If was FFF – Full of Friends and Fun, plus we all managed to do tons of work on new and exciting projects. If StartUP Weekend was a Motor Company their models would have been called “Creativity X2” & “Motivation X5”.

After such an event, and driving in the the fast lane of things it is really difficult, if not impossible to switch back to normal pace.
I’ve witnessed amazing things; extremely bright people shaping ideas into projects in a matter of hours, competitor working together and helping each other out, even lending programmers and designers to each other… Fascinating!

Devoted coaches with dead on target validation questions improving productivity tenfold. With the event just behind the corner I can’t wait for the next one – eager to challenge myself again and to learn more from this awesome format.
I didn’t believe it was possible to deliver such a great product for just 30 hours of work, to validate the idea and to conquer so many obstacles that we’ve encountered along the way…

If I had the chance to change something it would be the 3 hours I went home to get some sleep – such a waste of time.”

Photo by: Nikolai Aleksandrenko