Startup Weekend Cluj success story


Full disclosure: UseTogether is now funded by Launchub (

Here we are one year after the first edition of Startup Weekend Cluj! It was really a good year and we’ve learn a lot. I’ve asked my colleagues to think back on that event and share with us their impressions in a few lines.

Cătălin: Well, nothing beats 54 hours of intense brainstorming with people you’ve never met — and that’s exactly what SW does. It overloads your creative senses, and makes sure you stay well entertained at the same time. The most fun you can have while still working towards a very solid business. :)

Gabi: Depressed? Bored? Tired of your meaningless 9 to 5 job? Then come on down to SW Cluj to get a taste of what working on something you believe in feels like. Side effects may include thinking for yourself and quitting your job. Success not included :)

Larisa: For me, SW was the beginning of a life changing experience. I think I can’t even realize right now what it truly meant but it was definitely an amazing program which gave me the opportunity to meet the future UseTogether team and I am most grateful for this chance.

Ioana: SW is a very good opportunity to meet wonderful people and to interact with experts from different areas. Also I am very lucky because i found there people with same ideas and values with which we began UseTogether.

Victor:  SW Cluj 2012 was a great experience. Of course I am biased because with my pitch we won the event. The organizers were able to create a context where we, the participants, could shine. All the mentors, the structure of the event and all the support from the organizing team was remarkable.

Mircea: A lot of hard work, but really fun and rewarding! It was the weekend which gave birth to our startup (UseTogether) and looking back, after one year, it was the start of an adventure and a plunge in the startups world. I still remember the feeling that we had after winning the SW Cluj competition, although less intense,  it’s similar to the one we have now after being accepted in Launchub and getting the first investor in our company. And Startup Weekend Cluj was the first step.

In conclusion, one thing is clear: startups are here to change the world. So come along, be part of this wave and prepare yourself for an amazing event!

The UseTogether Team