The Mobile Teams


1. Clusterize is an Android app that creates heatmaps of people’s interests based on different social media data (facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare etc). The team is headed by Georgi Stoyanov (developer) and includes Miroslav Bekyarov (designer), Dilyana Dobrinova (non-technical), Temenuzhka Panayotova (non-technical), Todor Brachkov (developer) and Ivaylo Karamanolev (developer).

2. Food Flow is a cross-platform app which provides daily home cooking assistance and stimulate healthy food consumption. It will allow users to quickly prepare recipes based on products they already have, easily prepare weekly meal lists and extract shopping lists from them. It will also provide advice for a healthy and low-calory diet. The team is headed by Pavel Vachkov (non-technical) and includes Nikolay Alexandrenko (designer), George Angeloff (designer), Georgi Kostadinov (developer) and Ivan Penchev (developer).

3. Mathemania is a cross-platform mathematics game. It is based on and will enable users to compete against each other in real time in a very dynamical way. The team is headed by Darin Madzharov (non-technical) and includes Martin Nankov (non-technical), Svetlana Tsoneva (designer), Nikolay Kazmin (developer) and Veselina Radeva (developer).

4. The Challenge is an iOS app that helps people challenge their friends by getting them to seek and find secret prizes/gifts in real life. The team is led by Natalia Patsovska (developer) and includes Emil Morashliev (developer), Niki Stoitsev (developer), Vasil Enchev (designer), Philip Philipov (non-technical).

5. Color Machines is an iOS and Android app providing color-based search for fashion. The team is led by Georgi Kadrev (non-technical) and includes Martin Bonov (designer), Robert Dimitrov (developer), Ivan Nikolov (developer) and Yordan Petrov (non-technical).

6. Modez is an iOS shoot and shop app targetted at street style fashion customers. The team is headed by Iva Atanasova (non-technical) and includes Alex Tokmakchiev (designer), Dani Rangelov (developer), Galin Zhelyazkov (non-technical) and Alex (developer).

7. Rewords is an iOS customer loyalty stimulation app. It will allow users to collect discount card points from various commercial sites (instead of paper vouchers used by coffee houses etc) and will include gamification features to keep them engaged. The team is headed by Maria Vasileva (non-technical) and also includes Vasil Chinchev (non-technical), Stanislav Bozhkov (non-technical), Ivo Ivanov (design), Stanimir Karoserov (developer) and Valentin Alexiev (developer).

8. Leest is an iOS subscription to-do app. It will allow users to subscribe to other people’s (managers, teachers, relatives etc.) to-do lists and easily find the tasks they have been assigned to execute. It will also feature to-do list features. The team is headed by Julian Kuntorov (developer) and its members include Stoyan Naydenov (non-technical), Nikolay Kotsev (developer) and Ivan Bidev (developer).

9. We Jam is an iOS app targetted at musicians, DJs, recording experts etc. It will provide them with an easy-to-use mobile interface to perform different tasks (eg changing guitar sets and effects while they are playing). The team is headed by Alexander Milanov (non-technical) and includes Ivan Dzheferov (developer), Krasimir Mladenov (developer) and Anton Ivanov (designer).

10. Split trip is an iOS shared-travelling app. The team is lead by Dimitar Bosovski (non-technical) and includes Zhanet Todorova (non-technical), Nikolay Yanev (developer), Tim Gosslin (developer), Georgi Nikolov (designer).

11. Unlockify is an iOS app that helps people unlock doors using their mobile phones. It is initially targetted at community spaces, where visitors will be able to request and be given access by a door admin. The team is lead by Anton Ruzhekov (developer) and includes Bobi Rakova (developer), Elena Antonova (developer) and Georgi Goranov (non-technical).

12. Wokator will enable companies to get customer feedback for products and services, based on QR code scanning and identification. The team is headed by Todor Mihaylov (developer) and features Svetlin Petrov (non-technical).

13. Get Active is a cross-platform app that connects people with common activity interests. The team is headed by Velislav Panchev (non-technical) and includes Nikolay Dimchev (designer), Alexander and Nikolay (developers).

14. is an Icenium-based app that helps people create a ‘boringfree’ world. Users will be able to create and join events at any time, based on what ‘the world around them’ suggests through the app. They will be able to browse through different venues based on their indicated requirements (eg exhibitions, clubs etc) and join in to what people closeby are organizing (eg football games). The team is led by Georgi Prusiiski (developer) and includes Ivo Krastev (developer), Plamen Todorov (developer), Stefan Ivanov (designer) and Rosen Rusenov (non-technical).

15. Shopping Zone is an Android fashion app, which allows women to find their best buy based on product, brand and promotional activities. The team is headed by Kalin Lilov (non-technical) and includes Ivan Petkov (non-technical) and Dimitar Danailov (developer).

16. Trake is a real-time multiplayer ‘Snake’-like game app for Android and iOS. The game will be based on geolocation – the users will play by transfering their real-life motion to a common platform, imitating a snake’s movement through the terrain. The team is led by Kaloyan Toshev (designer) and includes Velislav Velev (non-technical), Petar Todorov (non-technical) and Nikolay Naykov (developer).

17. Bulgaria InSight is a mobile Bulgaria travel guide. It will allow people to explore Bulgaria and feature cultural and historical sites, regional events, city tours etc. The team is lead by Daniel Zahariev (developer). Other team members are Silviya Yordanova (non-technical) and Chavdar Grudev (designer).

18. Puzzle Break is an iOS app for cheating with offline puzzle games. It will allow people to figure out the missing pieces when they get frustrated with a missing piece. The team consists of Dimitar Stanchev (designer), Ivan Manchev (non-tech), Svetlin Penkov (developer), Stella Sadova (developer) and Spas Bilyarski (developer).

19. Pokani Me is an Android app for real-life socialization of teenagers. At public places, the users will be able to browse through pictures of other active users around them, send them a signal through Wi-Fi and get introduced when they get one back. The team is lead by Alexander Biggs (non-technical) and also includes Angel Dzhorapov (designer).

20. Runner is an Android app for gamification of personal outdoor exercises (running, biking etc). The team is led by Marush Denchev (developer). The other members are Krystiana Rejmer (designer), Teodor Dimitrov (non-technical), Rosen Tihomirov (developer).

21. Startup Weekend Meta is a responsive web app for gamification of the Startup Weekend book – a massively multiplayer startup game. It aims to provide teenagers and young people with inspiration and tools to change the world through starting their businesses and also win their independence from their parents as early as possible.  The project will enable them to found school clubs, make their own Startup Weekends, take SW courses and receive mentorship. The team is lead by Dimitar Karamanchev (developer) and consists of Radoslav Ivanov (non-technical) and Stefan Kovachev (developer).

22. Epicenter is a Windows Phone app for discovering sports events based on geolocation. The team is headed by Nikola Irinchev (developer) and includes Nikolina Petrova (designer), Iskren (non-technical) and Nikolay Nikolaev (non-technical).

23. Edubot is a product which will tranform education by making schools open, trasnparent and accessible to software development companies. It will integrate secondary schools’ key student data in a clean structured way to be used for mobile app development. The team is headed by Alexander Kitov (designer) and includes Veselin Rusenov (developer), Vladimir Alexiev (developer) and Stoyan Dipchikov (non-technical).

24. Help.Buy.Sell is an Icenium-based app that enables people to get rid of the unneeded items in their homes and help a good cause at the same time. The users will offer their items for sale to other users and the revenue of the sale will be donated to different humanitarian projects – helping people with diseases, getting toys and playgrounds for orphanages etc. The team is lead by Tsvetomila Mihaylova (developer) and includes Dimitar Dimitrov (designer) and Petya Pehlivanova (non-technical).

25. Talkie is an Android and IOS app which helps children (3+) learn new languages. The child will be shown a picture (eg. elephant) and will hear the word pronounced by the phone. Then he/she will have to repeat it to move on to the next level. The team consists of Nikolay Vasilev (developer), Maya Bankova (designer), Kalin Tsvetkov (developer) and Dimitar Dimitrov (non-technical).