SW Sofia Live update: 36 pitches, 19 teams formed



It’s 23:30 in Sofia and teams have started working on their ideas.

We had the awesome figure of 36 pitches tonight. People lined up impatiently  to get the microphone and win their own 60 seconds of glory… and probably change the world. Go guys!

After the voting of the audience, 19 teams were assembled with total of 84 members. Here they are:

A. Kido – an app for child care. Medical, nutrition, education everything in one place (team of 5)
B. ikollekt – an app to simplify art and make it accessible
C. Words Matter –  learn language the way you are listening to music/podcasts
D. Coco farm – ERP for agriculture.
E. Dok.me – an app to localize doctors available in your area. Contact them with video & audio.
F. Where – an app to gives you a travel destination suggestions
G. Tickey – an app to pay for public transportation
H. Tripio app – useful and simple travel diary app that works.
I. Loudly – an app connecting up to 50 devices and simultaneously playing music for louder effect. Party ON!
J. The Food App – an app for food suggestion based on your lifestyle
K. Who Am I – the worldwide famous Guess who am I game done for mobile
L. Alert – an app that alerts people in case of a disaster.
M. Home Defender – home security systems with software, hardware and lasers.
N. Connect me – an app to share business contacts with each others
O. Love Books – an app that enables you to share the top best 10 books you like with other peopl
P. pcloud for wps/win RT – pcloud app for windows mobile and RT
Q. Sportify –  an app to find people to do sports with
R. Neteur – b2b daily app (promote, sell, distribute, company information)

We will keep you updated on the team progress and may the best team win! :)