Telerik Platform

Telerik Platform – get your free license at SWSOF


We are extremely happy to have Telerik as one of the long term supporters of Startup Weekend Sofia. Telerik is by far the hottest Bulgarian startup with recognizable international presence. You do not need to explain who Telerik is, everybody in the startup world have heard or used Telerik stuff.

The winning teams of SWSOF will get free licenses of Telerik Platform. You do not need to wait until award ceremony though. Register NOW for the trail and if it works for you, come talk to SW organizers for a license.

A bit more on the platform. The Telerik Platform provides a single, unified interface to facilitate streamlined development, deployment, management and maintenance of cross-platform applications, regardless of the approach taken. The standards-based, best practices-oriented solutions support: any approach—web, hybrid and native; any OS—iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows and BlackBerry; any device—desktops, tablets and smartphones; any technology—.NET, JavaScript/HTML5, JSP and PHP. Telerik Platform can be used as a standalone product, but easily integrates with third-party products, so developers can continue to use existing tools and services and easily integrate into any development workflow.